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Transmitting educational and training content to dispersed audiences over long-distance is a huge hurdle ­NGOs, corporations, governments and individuals face in emerging markets. Whether corporations want to train their remote field staff or NGOs want to disseminate vital information to their end users, there is a need for a flexible and low cost technology platform they can use to achieve their goals. The alternative, the internet, is either expensive or difficult to access, especially when the intended recipient has limited resources. For example, in Kenya, a relatively technologically advanced developing nation, only 3% of the population has regular access to Internet and most of them access it via the most basic mobile devices. Furthermore, even organizations and individuals who are already using a SMS solutions struggle with tracking progress and ensuring that end users have received and comprehended the information.
g.Maarifa offers an interactive platform that allows delivery of a high volume of content, evaluates and monitors the end users’ progress, and manages data with a user-friendly interface. Our platform combines the reach of simple SMS texting with a robust data analytics back-end to engage vast numbers of end users. Using our extensive experience on the ground, we help clients with content customization, evaluation, and data management based on their specific needs and goals.
Our goal is to provide the services our clients need while ensuring they are able to provide the best experience to the maximum number of end users.  In many developing markets today, this means delivering that experience via the most widely available technology: SMS.  Over time, we will evolve along with our customers’ end user base.  Even today, in advance of broad adoption of new technologies, we are already working on developing  our platform to serve java-based devices, mobile web, and smartphone apps.