Canadian Health and Care Mall Review – A Network of Pharmacies Delivering Generic Meds Worldwide

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For a period of more than a decade and a half, the Canadian Health and Care Mall has managed to distribute generic drugs to different people from all over the globe. This is a pharmacy network that operates out of their headquarters in Canada. The term “pharmacy network” is used to describe different drugstore websites which work for one company. Some of the characteristics these sites have are the similar look, the same products, and similar information. Sites in the Canadian Health and Care Mall drugstore chain will have a look that resembles what we have indicated below:

Canadian Health and Care Mall Main Webpage

These pharmacy sites are usually hard to miss. They all have a huge title on the top-left corner labeled Canadian Health & Care Mall. These sites will have the meds they sell on their left column when you scroll down. Although we are saying that it is hard to miss the sites in this pharmacy network, scammers are becoming cleverer. They are stealing the looks popular network pharmacy sites have and using it to create their own websites. They are using the sites to fool new customers. Therefore, stick with proven domain addresses.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Reviews

We have checked the consumer testimonials for this network pharmacy just to confirm they are not just another collection of decent looking scam sites. The following are the customer comments we managed to find:

Canadian Health and Care Mall Customer Feedback

Rob says that after performing an online pharmacy search, the pharmacy he found he could trust was the Canadian Health and Care Mall network pharmacy. He found that it had quality services, the customer service department was professional, and it was both safe and reliable. He says that although the pharmacy lacks many unique peculiarities, it is a reliable place to source effective treatments at an affordable price.

Denzel says that Canadian Health and Care Mall does not seem to be just another generic drugstore that will last for a year or two. He says that the pharmacy seems to be focusing on long-term goals. He indicates that the pharmacy network has affordable prices and the drugs they supply though being generic have the same quality as brand drugs.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Online

The sites in this pharmacy network are not too fancy. This helps people who want to order their meds do exactly this without having to waste their time trying to figure out what they are supposed to do or where to start. Filling out forms to create an account so that you can order meds is boring. This is why the Canadian Health and Care Mall network does not need their customers to sign up to place an order.

Checking out medications is done on a safe and secure server. Credit cards, eCheck, and bitcoin are accepted. No one will steal your credit card data. If you are trying to purchase narcotics or controlled substances, Canadian Health and Care Mall network sites will not serve you. These pharmacies follow the law which is the reason as to why the only meds you will find have been approved by the FDA. People who want meds but lack a prescription will get these at this drugstore network without any hassles. You will get prescription meds, supplements, herbal medications, and over the counter meds in the pharmacy network. This is great since people will have the ability to fulfill all their medical requirements without having to order from different online stores.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Coupon Codes

Some of the sites in the pharmacy network did not have coupon codes. However, these sites made up for this through very interesting offers they had in their shopping carts. Some of the bonus you will get are as indicated below:

Canadian Health and Care Mall Bonuses

You will always get 4 free bonus pills for all your orders. Airmail shipping charges are waived when you buy meds that cost you at least $150. The Express Courier charges are removed from your bill if your meds are worth more than $300. If your meds cost you $200, you get insurance for free.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Phone Numbers

Although there is a possibility that you may not find a phone number to use in some of the sites in the Canadian Health and Care Mall drugstore network, you will always find a contact form to send them an email and an email address. The pharmacy network promises to reply to all queries within a period that does not exceed 24 hours. Here are some of the emails to use:

Canadian Health and Care Mall Spam and Phone Calls

Canadian Health & Care Mall is a pharmacy network that has managed to ensure that they are offering the best services. They let these services sell their name instead of focusing on using spam emails and spam calls to force people to order from them. We have been checking the web to see whether there is anyone claiming that after ordering and receiving his or her products from Canadian Health & Care Mall drugstore network he received spam calls or emails. We did not find anyone. This confirms that spam is non-existent in Canadian Health & Care Mall med store network.


A good pharmacy network should offer its customers a great experience when they are purchasing their meds. This is what Canadian Health and Care Mall drugstore network does. There is no consumer who has bought from any of the network sites who is complaining. The drugstore is timely in terms of its delivery and the meds which reach the customer always function just as they should. They don’t send bogus pills. This is the reason as to why we rate the store 5 stars.