How We Do It


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In developing markets, the default method of workplace training and continuing education is a logistical nightmare. In-person training is costly, inefficient and sporadic, especially when target trainees are dispersed nationwide, in hard-to-access locations Online alternatives, such as webinars and MOOCs, are not feasible in our target developing markets as Internet connections are either unreliable or unavailable (Internet penetration in the developing world is at only ~13%).
By leveraging remarkably high mobile penetration rates in the developing world (~89%), we aim to develop mobile training tools that provide a viable alternative to both in-person and online training courses in these countries. We work with a variety of organizations in private and public sectors, such as multinationals and impact organizations, to deliver educational content, evaluate end users’ comprehension, track performance, and manage and analyze data for a diverse set of end users.
We are currently in Africa and the Middle East. As we expand, we plan on developing new products based on client needs and the technological adoption rates of the mass market. Language support will now be built into out product as we continue to enter new countries.