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There’s nothing that would excite patients more than to know that they can purchase their costly drugs at affordable prices. Many people have already been enduring for a long time buying their medications at local pharmacies because they know of no other alternatives. But thankfully, online medicine sources like My Secure Tabs provide the customers the opportunity to buy expensive prescription drugs for prices which are 90% less than what they usually spend at the local pharmacies. What’s offered by My Secure Tabs are generic meds with the same active ingredients as their branded counterparts but are made by a different manufacturer. Quality-wise, the meds from My Secure Tabs are also exceptional since they are sourced only from GMP-certified manufacturers. Of course, all of its meds are also approved by the Food and Drug Administration which is the guarantee that they are on par with the branded drugs at local drugstores.

The selection of drugs which are available at My Secure Tabs is also great, offering customers a great variety of medicines to choose from. Branded drugs are also available on its wide range of products which can be also purchased at considerably cheaper prices than that of the local drugstores. But the real advantage of the customers is in purchasing generic drugs because apart from the fact that they’re cheap, they have the exact same effects of the branded medications.

MySecureTabs Reviews

Barbara from Sweden was caught off-guard when her orders from My Secure Tabs arrived much earlier than she has expected. She never thought that it was possible for her to receive her orders this early and the timeframe where she has received her orders are even better than what was advertised on My Secure Tabs’ site. She is very pleased with this experience and 100% satisfied. The delivery option that Barbara might have chosen is the express mail service (EMS) which guarantees that the orders will arrive on the customer’s end within 3 to 8 business days.

My Secure Tabs Client Testimonials

The thing that amazed Jacob when he bought his drugs at My Secure Tabs was the quick and helpful service that was given to him by the customer service personnel that he has spoken with. This is due to the issue where for some reasons, the site was unable to process the medicines that he has ordered. In other words, Jacob was stuck and the only ones that could help him are the representatives of My Secure Tabs. So what he did was he decided to give it a go and to his astonishment, it got sorted out in no time. He got the help that he needed to process his orders and he is happy. Jacob also adds that he managed to receive his orders in a similarly prompt manner just like the assistance that he has received.

A customer named Alex who is also from France likes buying from My Secure Tabs because he gets constantly updated regarding the status of his order’s delivery up until he finally receives them. This is again, of course, the work of the excellent customer service representatives of My Secure Tabs that communicate with the customers. The great selection of drugs offered by My Secure Tabs is also something that Alex is thankful for because he can choose from a lot of options and he’ll be able to select the medicines of his own preference. Like Jacob, Alex also received his orders in a quick manner which was very convenient for him.

Mark is a customer who is originally from Germany but for some reason, he went on a trip to France. After arriving there, he needed to order his medicines so he went online to My Secure Tabs and started to place an order. It was a success, he was able to receive his ordered medicines and it was repeated the second time where his second order was also delivered safely to where he is. It only took 10 days before he received his orders and no problems were also encountered by his package at the customs. After using his medicines, he was also able to prove that the products that he ordered are of good quality.

MySecureTabs Online

It’s unavoidable that buyers will encounter pharmacy domains of different names but has the same web content as My Secure Tabs

My Secure Tabs Webpage

But customers need not be concerned about these sites since these are not scam pharmacies but are a part of My Secure Tabs’ pharmacy network. Their names may be different from My Secure Tabs’ main site but they are all linked together and share a common server where all orders are processed. Clients can order whichever network site they prefer as they would still be processed all the same just like ordering from the main site.

MySecureTabs Coupon Codes

Customers can get an outright 10% discount on their purchases once they order medicines which have a total cost of $200 USD and above.

My Secure Tabs Discount

Their orders will also be shipped for free which further adds to the savings that they will be able to get. Bonus pills are also available for the customers to get for each order that they will make, free additional pills that they can save for future use.

MySecureTabs Phone Numbers

Buyers who will be needing assistance or will just be needing some answers to their questions can call in the US at +1 718 487 9792 and in the UK at +4420 3239 7092. These assistance hotlines are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to provide assistance to My Secure Tabs’ customers from around the world.

MySecureTabs Spam and Phone Calls

The contact details that are provided by the customers to My Secure Tabs are only for verification purposes and not used by the site for sending spam emails or making unsolicited phone calls. Unless requested by the customers for a follow-up or for an update, My Secure Tabs will not be contacting their emails or their phone numbers.


My Secure Tabs is just the online medicine source that the people are looking for. Great savings and deals are waiting for buyers who will be purchasing from their great selection of drugs which offer a variety of FDA-approved meds to choose from. The generic medicines that they sell are also of the same quality as the expensive branded drugs at local pharmacies which means that the customers will be getting the real value of their money. All in all, My Secure Tabs has a rating of 5 stars and customers can also check our top recommended providers for other options.