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0ur white label platform, Orion, is catered towards organizations that want to push their own content and track the progress and performance of their end users, whether they be non-profit program participants, employees, or customers. This platform provides additional functionality in the form of testing, user registration and management, mass communication, data management and tracking, performance analytics, and a robust reporting system. Through a thorough multi-step process, we work with clients to develop or tailor their own content to the SMS format and select the portfolio of features based on the analytics they wish to see. Our other product is a proprietary training, evaluation, certification, and placement service that prepares low-income youths for the job market and/or self-employment.
We customize our white label solution to meet the needs of our clients. We see our clients as partners with whom we collaborate on program design, curriculum development, data and user management, platform rollout, and end user communications and feedback. g.Maarifa is committed to delivering a high quality experience for both our clients and the end user who sees the content on his or her device.  Our product is designed for flexibility to allow us to quickly adjust the product to meet client and end user needs and we take a hands-on approach in ensuring a quick response to our stakeholders’ needs.  Regardless of whether our partners want us to reach ten thousand or one million users, we are dedicated to creating the best interactive SMS system possible.

We offer the following services:


  • * Content customization and adaptation
  • * Design and behavioral analysis of end user experience
  • * Program development and rollout planning
  • * Tracking, monitoring, and analysis of end user performance
  • * Back end customization based on client needs
  • * Training on how to use the data management interface
  • * Regular reporting of analytics and user performance to client
  • * System administration and maintenance for the duration of the program and one month after the program