Pharmacy Mall Review: 20 Years of Service Proves How Reliable and Trustworthy They Are

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Pharmacy Mall is a drugstore that started in 1997. It is a Canadian pharmacy. When internet shopping started becoming popular in the early 2000s, Pharmacy Mall expanded and started an online pharmacy. This online pharmacy became bigger and attempted to serve more people by partnering with other websites hence the network of Pharmacy Mall began. To date, Pharmacy Mall is proud to say that they have more than a million happy and satisfied customers.

The Pharmacy Mall network of online pharmacies is known for providing quality medicines at a very low price. They offer generic and branded medicines as well as over the counter drugs and prescription drugs. They medicines for asthma, anxiety, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, and gastrointestinal problems. They also have stocks of muscle relaxant medicines, pain relief treatments, hair loss treatment, weight loss pills, and birth control drugs. All online pharmacies under the Pharmacy Mall network are CIPA and MIPA accredited and all medicines they offer are Food and Drug Administration approved. Their website also has a Pharmacy Checker logo, an indication that they are recognized and recognized by Pharmacy Checker. Currently, Pharmacy Mall has a license to operate online pharmacies. It was issued on 17 of August 2017.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

With an experience that started 20 years ago, we assume that Pharmacy Mall provides a service that is unparalleled. We are not mistaken! Based on the reviews for Pharmacy Mall network, most of their customers are happy and satisfied with the product they are offering and the service they are giving.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews
Pharmacy Mall Reviews

People around the world are patronizing Pharmacy Mall network and because of their outstanding service. One of their customers even said that he liked the company because of their professional sevirce especially when it comes to the delivery of the order. He also appreciated the wide range of medicines available on their shelves. In addition, he said he received his order on time.

Another customer of Pharmacy Mall online pharmacy said that he has been returning to Pharmacy Mall because of their timely delivery. He added that the quality of the medicine he receives is superb.

Other customers have been praising Pharmacy Mall websites because of their timely delivery of orders and their affordable medicines. As an online buyer, we also appreciate stores that continue to offer their products at the lowest price possible. Despite having a larger network, Pharmacy Mall remained true in providing affordable medicines to all of their customers.

Pharmacy Mall Online

Pharmacy Mall network offers generic and branded medicines. All of their online pharmacies are offering prescription medicines as well. Customers who need to order Rx drugs don’t need to present a prescription. Pharmacy Mall highly encourages customers to talk to a doctor first before taking any medicine though, regardless if it is an Rx drug or not.

A Website of Pharmacy Mall
A Website of Pharmacy Mall

On their FAQ page, Pharmacy Mall says that their medicines are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. They guarantee all deliveries of order anywhere in the world as long as it is not a PO Box address. They do accept PO Box addresses but your local delivery service doesn’t deliver, it might become an issue or cause the delay.

All online pharmacies under the Pharmacy Mall network offer two delivery methods that customers can use. They can have their orders delivered via EMS or via Standard Airmail service. EMS delivery takes up to 8 days for the orders to get delivered while Airmail delivery takes up to 21 days. The price for shipping varies for every destination. All orders above $200 are shipped free. This is one of the perks offered across all websites that are part of the Pharmacy Mall network.

When it comes to issues with the order such as missing or damaged order, it is best to contact the support team immediately once you received your problematic order. Missing and damaged orders are reshipped free of charge yet if you provided a wrong address that caused the missed delivery, you will have to pay for the reshipping fee. Also, before contacting support due to missing, lost, or damaged package, make sure to have all your order information details ready.

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Codes

Pharmacy Mall has been operating since 1997. They have been around when internet pharmacies are not yet around. They have been serving people with low-priced medicines even before generic medicines became available. Pharmacy Mall’s goal is to help people have access to medicines in the best way possible. After two decades, Pharmacy Mall is still operating and they now have at different online pharmacies on their network. All of these pharmacies offer affordable medicines as well hence they no longer see the need to offer coupon codes.

At the moment, the promotions that customers can take advantage of include free shipping on all orders above $200 and free pills on every order. Also, 10 % discount is offered on select orders.

Pharmacy Mall Phone Numbers

If you are ordering online, make sure to deal with a store that can be reached anytime you needed them. Do not become a victim of websites that offer great deals yet when you need them, you don’t have any idea on how to reach them. All websites of Pharmacy Mall are reachable via 718 487 9792 and 4420 3239 7092. These numbers are the best way to reach a customer support representative that can answer your queries.

As for those who don’t have a phone to use, Pharmacy Mall is still reachable via their ‘contact us’ page.

Pharmacy Mall Spam and Phone Calls

We hate spams. We hate e-companies and e-shops that continuously send emails or call us in the middle of the night. These spam phone calls and emails are also hated by Pharmacy Mall. They understand that we want our privacy protected hence they staying away from making spam phone calls and sending spam emails.


Pharmacy Mall is a network of trusted and reliable online pharmacies, serving the people for more than 20 years now. They have been providing safe and effective medicines that their customer approved of. Based on the way their customers are leaving them feedback, we can say that this is one of the trusted online pharmacy networks that we can count on, on a world that is full of scam and fakes. Hence we rate it 5 out of 5 stars .