Sildenafil GM P Review

Sildenafil GM P Review: Generic Viagra Produced in Georgia

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Brand: Sildenafil GM P

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: GM Pharmaceuticals

Country of Manufacture: Georgia

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Review and Description

Sildenafil GM P is a Georgian generic medication by GM Pharmaceuticals for erectile dysfunction treatment. Erectile dysfunction is said to have occurred in men who are unable to achieve an erection during sexual intercourse. This condition has appeared in several men from all walks of life over time. The direct cause is unknown but conditions such as stress, lack of interest in sexual activities, psychological disorders and sometimes physiological defects have been said to precipitate this illness in men. Before a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is placed, it is necessary to check all possible causes since a locally acting drug such as Sildenafil cannot do away with the problem completely.

The active ingredient in Sildenafil GM P is Sildenafil Citrate which is a 5-phosphodiesterase inhibitor. This compound together with 2 others, is one of the most commercialized compounds for the treatment of erectile dysfunction especially after its use to create Viagra which gave way to the springing up of various erectile dysfunction medications everywhere.

Sildenafil Citrate acts by delaying the action of the enzyme 5-phosphodiesterase and thus delays the natural regulation of blood flow in and out of the penile arteries. In some men, this regulatory mechanism occurs faster than normal, so Sildenafil Citrate delays this action in order for the men to enjoy their intercourse. In general, it could be said that Sildenafil Citrate increases blood flow to the penile arteries, making it engorged with blood thus causing an erection in men. It should be stated that erectile dysfunction drugs will not work without sexual stimulation.

Customer Reviews

GM Pharmaceuticals is a Georgian based pharmaceutical manufacturing company that has been in operation for about 25 years. There is not much to be said about the history of this company since it does not have that much information online. GM Pharmaceuticals seeks to create quality and innovative treatments for various ailments. The pharmacy focuses on developing treatments for simple ailments such as cough, pain flu on both adults and children. Sildenafil GM P is the only erectile dysfunction drug by this company.

Due to its lack of international activity, it could be difficult to find this exact generic form of sildenafil online. Customers who live outside Georgia should take note and look for more internationally available generic brands to use.

Pricing and Dosage

It was difficult to find vendors who sold Sildenafil GM P, and this could mean that the drug is not very popular outside its home country. This is a common occurrence among most locally produced drugs since they are made for a local customer base. However, the general rule concerning the pricing of generic medications is that it is cheaper than the Viagra on the market. Customers who do get their hands on the drug need not worry about missed doses as Sildenafil GM P should only be taken when needed.

How to Buy Sildenafil GMP Online

Due to Sildenafil GM P’s lack of internet presence, for international shoppers, Fildena is a good alternative for this medication. Fildena is a widely available drug from India which also contains the same active ingredient as Sildenafil GM P. The price for Fildena on the market is currently about $3. Certain vendors might add shipping costs which could cost anything between $10 and $30 based on the type of shipping and its proximity the delivery port.

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How to Use

Most Sildenafil containing drugs are used the same way. Treatment for erectile dysfunction follows no specific regimen. The tablet should be ingested with or without food but with water 60 minutes before sexual intercourse takes place. The most recommended dose for Sildenafil is 50mg, with its highest dose being 100mg. Patients should adhere strictly to the advice of the doctor and take the dose that was prescribed to them. No dose should exceed 100mg within 24 hours.

Side Effects

The common side effects with Sildenafil containing drugs are facial flushing and swelling, weakness, dizziness, headaches and backaches, some muscle pain, nausea, and vomiting. Rare symptoms include priapism, alteration of vision and hearing, which can lead to loss of the two senses, angina-like symptoms and severe hypersensitivity reactions. Sildenafil containing drugs should not be taken with nitrate containing drugs as this severely decreases the blood pressure. If these symptoms are experienced, the patient should see the doctor immediately.

Conclusion with Rating

Sildenafil GM P is one of the many generic forms of Viagra that have been produced to create a cheaper alternative to the aforementioned popular drug. As a result of this, several countries have created several medications in an attempt to make treatment of erectile dysfunction available to a larger group of people for much cheaper. The company behind this very generic form of Sildenafil is a Georgian based 25-year-old company that is dedicated to many other health products apart from generic Viagra. Sildenafil GM P is their only Viagra.

No reviews were found for this medication and also it was difficult to get vendors who advertised and sold this drug. It could be assumed that Sildenafil GM P is made for the local community and thus does not need international advertisement. This comes as bad news for the customers outside the country who were interested in trying out this medication to treat their erectile dysfunction.

The rating for this medication id 3 out of 5, with the hope that one day, Sildenafil GM P would be available to be shipped all over the world. While we await this occurrence, it is recommended that international buyers focus on more popular and internationally recognized generic forms of Sildenafil Citrate to solve the issue of erectile dysfunction.