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We offer an interactive SMS-based job training, evaluation, and placement for low-income youths aged 17-30 (“Sophia”). Based extensive research into labor markets involving low-income youth in the developing world, we have developed our own content in the areas of entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and professional etiquette. Our local, context-aware curriculum is case-based and practical, similar to that found in business schools around the world.
The quizzes that accompany every unit and the holistic examination at the end of each course are not based on memorization of facts. Rather, students are tested on applying the lessons to a variety of real-life scenarios. At the end of the course, students receive a certification backed by the Kenyan Ministry of Education if they pass the course.
Our platform also serves as a powerful analytics tool. First, it identifies the highest scoring individuals and request work background histories. The information is loaded onto a database that employers can filter through, based on their hiring criteria. We allow firms to efficiently source quality talent at low cost and low risk.
This service is available only in Kenya at the moment.
While Sophia is no longer our primary focus, we continue to have faith in its efficacy. We found that 32% of students who passed the course were able to find jobs and received a 98% approval rating from users, regarding the relevancy and accessibility of the content.
We invite all parties interested in licensing Sophia to contact us for more information.