Symptoms Of Panic Attacks While Sleeping

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Panic attacks at any time are most certainly situations we want to avoid. If you have ever had a panic attack before, whether in the day while going about your daily business, or worse still at night while sleeping, you will know the sheer fear they can bring across your body and mind.

When it comes to panic and anxiety attacks in general, there are actually millions across the world that suffer from some form of panic or anxiety disorder. The severity from person to person depends of course, but general anxiety and panic disorder is certainly a growing trend in today’s society.

With the added pressures and stresses of life in general, this is only a growing situation.

Panic attacks can happen at any time, without prior notice. If you suffer from panic attacks frequently you can sometimes tell if you are about to have a panic attack. Even still, the warning and tell-tale signs can be very short to say the least.

One of the worst times to experience a panic attack is at night while sleeping. Panic attacks while sleeping not only contain all of the characteristics of a general panic attack, but also carry the added fear of going from a deep sleep, to sudden fear, panic and loss of control.

The transition from the two extremes can make this one horrifying ordeal that unfortunately has become quite a common occurrence through men and women alike worldwide.

So what are the Symptoms of Panic Attacks While Sleeping?

The symptoms are very similar to having a general panic attack at any time in the day, and include things like:


Fear Of Loss Of Control

Racing Heart

Head & Back Ache

Fear Of Dying

And Eventually A Fear Of Actually Going To Sleep

These are only the most common symptoms of panic attacks while sleeping, and you may experience others too.

If you have never experienced a panic attack while sleeping before and you are searching for information to work out whether you have had one or not, the above symptoms of panic attacks while sleeping would come on very strongly.

Although the strength of your panic attack can differ from person to person, you certainly know about it if you have had one.

There is nothing to fear, as panic attacks cannot harm you, but if left untreated, they can become more regular and powerful.

It is quite common for somebody to suffer from one panic attack due to stress or a major event that has happened recently within their lives, such as a tragedy or loss of a loved one and then continue to suffer from panic attacks again and again.

Each time, they CAN grow stronger and more regular.

So, treating and looking at ways to control and prevent panic attacks is what you need to do if you believe you have suffered from a panic attack while sleeping, or at any other time.