V-Tada Super Review: Tadalafil Drug with Unconfirmed Efficacy

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Brand: V-Tada Super

Active Ingredient: Tadalafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Vipro Lifescience Pvt. Ltd.

Country of Manufacture: India

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Review and Description

V-Tada Super is the answer for men’s erectile problems. Erectile Dysfunction has affected millions of men worldwide and it may affect me who are already in their golden years. This is a condition that is inevitable and may seem to give psychological trauma. Erectile dysfunction is also known to be the culprit of broken marriages and relationships of men and their partners.

Usually, men prefer Tadalafil because of its long span of effect. Compared to Viagra, V-tada supplies the male sex organ with testosterone which can provide a solid  erection for a maximum of thirty-six hours. It is a noteworthy advantage for males especially if they want convenient dosing. This could also lessen tolerance since 20 mg is the maximum dosage that a man can take for a day. They should never use V tada continuously to prevent tolerance or the disappearance of the effect. Also, the medicine will only be effective if a man is sexually stimulated.

Customer Reviews

V-Tada Super, a pill to combat sexual impotence in men, is manufactured by Vipro LifeScience. The manufacturing company is known to be one of the leading exporters of pharmaceutical products. However, V tada Super was not testified by its current or previous users on how it acts on their system. This simple fact can affect a massive number of prospective buyers. This clearly shows that the drug cannot assure the public on how it is effective for use. We suggest that patients must only purchase drugs with a number of reviews to be sure that what they are taking will surely affect them in a good way. It is better to be smart and alert than to mistake and cause harm to your health.

Pricing and Dosage

V tada Super is a generic drug known for its affordability. This drug battles erectile dysfunction which helps boost men’s self-esteem and confidence. It is available to be purchased at $0.90 per tablet. The price is unbelievably cheaper since one dose of that pill can last for a maximum of 36 hours while Viagra which will only last for four hours, costs $8.00 per pill.


V Tada Super is available in a 20 mg pill. This is also the maximum dose that a man can take per day to avoid effects that are not associated with the drug just like serious side effects. A twenty mg pill can boost penile erection for an extent of 36 hours, which is why it should only be taken once per day. The licensed prescriber will explain the dose and on how to take the dose on a needed basis.

How to Buy V-Tada Super Online

V Tada Super is very difficult to find in the online stores. In fact, we have not found any online stores that sell the drug. This is a major problem for men who are away from the local pharmacies that sell the drug. This also makes the drug unpopular, this explains why it has not gained any online reviews. Hence, no man could ever prove its safety since there are no testimonies that had been shared. Cialis also has the active ingredient which is Tadalafil, this makes it a better alternative to the pill. The following websites will lead you the online drugstores that sell the drug:



In the above links, you can find the price of Cialis. Cialis also works by increasing the blood flow to move towards the penis which explains the hard-rock erection. It will benefit men for a period of thirty-six hours. This is highly beneficial for males who want convenient dosing because, with just one dose, it can satisfy men for a period of two days.

How to Use

V tada Super is a beneficial drug that can be used to ready yourself in serious sexual intercourse within 30 minutes of taking the drug. The drug will only be taken if it is needed and should never be taken as a maintenance medication. When taking this drug, always remember to swallow it with water to avoid choking. This drug will cause your stamina to increase and will boost your confidence with just one dose. Always remember that it is only to be taken once a day with a limit of 20mg and should be started on the lowest regimen possible. It can give you a sustain hard-rock erection for an extent of thirty-six hours.

Side Effects

There are always side effects that come along with V tada Super, just like all of the medications. Usually, side effects will be explained by the doctor before you take the drug to let you be aware of the effects that you will be getting. They will also instruct you regarding the drugs and the diseases that might interact with the V tada Super. The effects may be gentle to serious like back pain, flushing of the skin, Gastrointestinal discomfort, muscle ache, stiffness, sensitivity to the heat of the sun, ears are ringing, blurry vision, and swelling of the face, arms, feet, and other body parts. Some effects may be serious and need medical attention. Do not hesitate to contact your prescriber if any of the symptoms presented above will be noticed.

Conclusion with Rating

With all the facts that had been noted above, we can conclude that V tada SUper is not the drug that is widely known by consumers. Firstly, it had no reviews presented by its consumers and secondly, it cannot be found in various online stores. These are the reality that V tada super is facing. It is not proven well to be safe and effective since its manufacturing company is not that much renowned all over the world. Hence, we suggest consumers to only purchase medicines that have been reviewed by other citizens and to be vigilant about the drugs that are unsafe for use.

Therefore, we have decided to give V Tada a rating of two stars because of the lack of safety and efficacy information on the drug and its manufacturer. It is often a difficult decision for men to choose which drugs are the most effective for them. That is where the responsibility of the physician comes in. They are the people who are responsible to determine what drug is the best for men to free them from erectile dysfunction. Hence, a prescription from a licensed PCP is critical when buying the drug.